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From its inception KALARO has created hand knitted and hand crocheted garments and accessories of exceptional high quality of unparalleled creativity and design utilizing our resources to the highest capacity.

Working closely with international yarn manufacturers and designers, KALARO has produced collections to promote our clients' yarns and designs.   

Hand-knitting on a commercial scale for export was first started in Sri Lanka in 1979, when a few local businessmen,

and a Norwegian Yarn Manufacturing Company started a joint-venture to train local women in rural areas in the Scandinavian method of circular knitting which was not known in Sri Lanka then. The company grew from strength to strength establishing knitting centers in many rural areas of the island.

Having been in this project from the inception since 1979, Priyantha Subasinghe established a proprietorship under the name KALARO in 2007. In 2017, ten years after establishment, the proprietorship was transformed to a limited liability company to face the challenges of the future. Thus, many of our hand-knitters are highly skilled with over 35 years experience and the ‘Cream’ of Sri Lanka’s Hand Knitting Industry.


KALARO offers a complete package of providing display models or finished garments to yarn manufacturing companies and designers. From initial sketches to creating pattern papers and writing instructions, KALARO’s Product Development team is capable of producing the first sample and display models to meet the highest standards. Production of display models are carried out at our own knitting centres, providing employment to rural women.



KALARO's concept of taking the "Industry to the Village" is a time tested and unique one. The idea was to provide employment to rural women by setting up knitting groups in areas where jobs are scarce. In doing so, these rural women from low income families are provided the opportunity to find gainful employment and earn a lifetime skill. KALARO has set-up knitting centres in these areas, so that the short distance from the home to the workplace helps to save precious time and money. The income they earn from their knitting, along with the flexibility to attend to family matters and house hold chores helps them to support and improve their lives, thus preserving the family unit.



Kalaro boasts a range of unique and premium hand-knitted products for Adult, Children and Baby. With  the use of quality raw materials and unique designs our highly skilled knitters have produced collections consisting of Sweaters, Cardigans, Tops, Jackets and Accessories which are luxurious and warm to wear. Our collections boasts of exquisite detailing and chic designs using knitting, crochet, embroidery, beadwork and other handcraft techniques.

Every single stitch is knitted with love and care. Most models in our wardrobe collection are one-of-a-kind with

new designs being introduced constantly. Our wardrobe collection consists of KALARO's own designs inspired by the islands' artistic heritage and natural splendor.



KALARO works closely with academic work of fashion design students of Universities as well as Private Institutions,

and many of their collections have been showcased locally and abroad.

To promote goodwill and co-operation among our skilled knitters, seasonal events such as Christmas & New Year parties,

day outings, trips are held on a yearly basis.

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