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Where our centres are located in Sri Lanka


At present there are 09 hand knitting centres belonging to KALARO. They are mostly located along the west coast in SriLanka and the rest in the hill country. Every region has its own sense of contextual characteristics. It is important to understand the community and maintain good ethical working standards. Our centres have been built with the required facilities to create a pleasant working environment for our hand knitters. All centres are built in a common theme to emphasise the concept of sustainability and eco-friendliness of the project. Our well-organized centres with almost zero wastage signify a high productive output. In this modern world, sustainable concepts and green industries play a vital role, thus contributing towards a better environment and values. We at KALARO are proud that our practices have led to achieving these tasks and to working towards future green concepts.

Knitters learn a new model at the centre

Random captures at the centres

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