Incorrect laundering is the ruin of many garments. To make sure the years of enjoyment from a knitwear, you should underline how important it is that you wash garments correctly. Wool garments have to be washed carefully by hand at low temperatures, otherwise they can shrink or felt. Use detergents specially made for wool. Also use plenty of water and wash the garments inside out. Squeeze the garments gently. Do not rub or wring. Remember the garments must not soak for to long in the water. Rinse them and gently squeeze out as much water as possible. Stretch the garments out or shake them into shape before drying flat. Do not hang. Heavy garments should be spread out on clean towels to dry. Garments made of wool should not be dried in direct sunlight. Store knit wool garments by folding them rather than hanging them.

Cotton garments can be washed by machine at warm temperatures. For coloured cottons, we recommend non-bleach detergents that protect colours. For whites, we recommend detergents that contain bleach to remove spots. It is also important to use a good fabric softener when you wash cotton, wool or wool blends. Turn the garments inside out before washing. Run the garment through the spin cycle and spread it out to dry. Heavy garments should be stretched into shape and dried on a clean dry towel - just like wool garments. Store knit cotton garments by folding them rather than hanging them.

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