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It is important to take care of employees in any industry, which may also vary with the nature of the industry. We at KALARO believe it is our social responsibility and always strive to keep our knitters happy. We organize activities among the centres or other gatherings to encourage interaction among the knitters which has resulted in strong relations and better understanding among them and everyone in the company. This has helped to maintain goodwill of the organization.


KALARO celebrated its 10th Anniversary in grand style at the Regent Country Club, Colombo where the entire workforce consisting of 150 hand-knitters, Head office staff, past employees, Foreign Buyers and Associates participated in a full day of fun and frolic.


“KALARO Eye Camp” was held on 17th June 2015 for all our hand knitters at one location. It was jointly organised by KALARO and Ellen Mossin Olesen of Norway. We conducted a comprehensive eye clinic with a well established Optician in Sri Lanka.  All knitters and staff had their eyes examined by experienced doctors and technicians and free spectacles were distributed as per prescribed lenses for those in need. While it was another opportunity to meet each other, refreshments, lunch and entertainment was provided to make it a memorable and enjoyable day.


We have grown and feel much stronger... Kalaro completed 5 years in 2013 and celebrated it with all our Hand Knitters,

Head Office Staff and others who have been with us since our inception. The event was filled with lot of entertainment, 

such as games, dances, dramas, prize giving and refreshments etc. All Hand Knitters were shown appreciation by KALARO for their commitment in the last five years.

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